Full-on dedicated & committed promo. Nothing less. Always more!

Where promo usually is done for a certain period of time (because, for example, an album should be “promoted” in a set time frame of an x-amount of weeks), Cannonball Promo just kicks it up a notch. Or two. Cannonball Promo is one of the few promotional agencies in the Dutch music business, who are truly committed to the artist. We even go beyond the short term, because we believe that good promotion doesn’t have to end when an album is released. How about promoting your (local) shows? Or last minute bookings?

Cannonball Promo writes and sends press releases and mailings, arranges interviews and / or photoshoots, tries to attract proper media attention to shows or showcases and provides various other services for the artists we work for. Or as we like to call it: “artists we love to work WITH”.

Because Cannonball Promo likes to think with the artist. And LIKE the artists. It’s all about telling your story and the right tone-of-voice. Thinking long term. Marketing music. No big budget? No problem! Our campaigns are affordable and targeted. We know the market, we know the right people, and we know how to present a band to the right people.