Cannonball Promo is a PR agency that focuses mainly on music promotion. Album promo, tour promo, event promo, (online) press promo, social media – and even video promo; Cannonball promotes tailor-made content and even kicks it up a notch wherever is necessary. Our promotional team will ensure that your product is brought to the right place through the right channels. In addition, we think ‘out-of-the-box’ and even dare to ‘full monty’ for full impact and lasting impressions. Our office is located in the beautiful Dominican Monastery in Zwolle (The Netherlands).

Our people at Cannonball Promo have accumulated truckloads of experience and a thorough know-how in the field of (inter-) national music business over the last decades. We promote both locally as regionally, on a national level and even internationally. In addition, we have a decent network in the media landscape, ranging from local to international, from blog to broadcasting.

We don’t just shoot some blanks, but focussed and with sharp ammunition for maximum impact.

We are Cannonball!